Barbara & Kurtis

Aries and Sagittarius


(Fire Sign at its best)

Barbara lived in Oklahoma with her children for 29 years before they moved to Middletown, Pennsylvania May 2017. Kurtis and Barbara were next door neighbor, so it was very easy for us to get to know each other. We talked and see each other each very everyone, grown close to each other very quickly. The attraction was instant between them and my kids easily accepted him to their family. 

They are both number people

Kurtis number is 16

Barbara  number is 22

Kurtis favorite color royal blue

Barbara favorite color is Yellow

Merging Cultures


Barbra was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, Kurtis was born and raised here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  They learned and still learning how to compromised and respect each other background differences and culture. Kurtis easily adapted to eating African food, clothing and culture. Barbara on the other hand has a special dietary limitation, therefore there are lots of food her body can not process. It takes a special kind of man to accept and love an independent woman with 3 children. She is forever grateful and bless to have him in their lives. On the day of 19, September 2019 we will take our vows as husband and wife. 

Wedding Party


Flower Girls - Lucy 

Ring Bearer - Bryson & AJ

Bride - Barbara

Maid of Honor - Deborah 

Bridesmaids - Phyllis, Lydia, Portia, Beatrice & Rebecca

Groom - Kurtis 

Best Man - Marcos

Groomsmen - Kyle, Charles, George, Kofi, Levi